Awards and Recognition

Gulf Coast Medical Center has received the Texas Health Care Quality Improvement Achievement Award from Texas Medical Foundation Health Quality Institute (TMF), the Medicare Quality Improvement Organization for Texas. TMF established the award program in partnership with Texas Hospital Association, Texas Medical Association, Texas Organization of Rural & Community Hospitals and Texas Osteopathic Medical Association.

The Texas Health Care Quality Improvement Award honors Texas hospitals that are performing quality initiatives aimed at improving outcomes in patient care by recognizing those hospitals that have improved their initial baseline performance on specific national quality measures.

The award acknowledges hospitals for improving care related to acute myocardial infarction (heart attack), heart failure, and pneumonia. These clinical areas have been designated as national health care priorities by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) and the Joint Commission, the nation's predominant independent, non-profit, standards-setting and accrediting body in health care. The award recognizes hospitals that are active in quality improvement and have made the required improvement on a composite scoring system, called the appropriate care measure (ACM). The ACM consists of ten measures: five acute myocardial infarction (heart attack), two heart failure, and three pneumonia measures.

These CMS/Joint Commission priority areas were targeted because they measure care for common, serious health conditions that affect all adult patients. The quality measures-such as an initial antibiotic dose within four hours of admission for patients with pneumonia-are designed to ensure hospitals provide care consistent with current medical guidelines.

"To achieve this recognition, we initiated a quality improvement program with an interdisciplinary team, collected and submitted data over five quarters and had to demonstrate significant improvement on all ten of the quality measures that make up the appropriate care measure," Said Donnie Frederic, CEO. "It was a significant amount of work, but well worth it because it was the right thing to do for our patients. This accomplishment could not have happened without the collaboration between the hospital staff and the medical staff."

Out of more than 390 eligible Texas hospitals, 63 have met the criteria and have been presented with the Texas Health Care Quality Improvement Award of Excellence and 25 were presented with the Quality Improvement Achievement Award. Hospitals receiving these awards will be recognized at a special ceremony in Austin on June 28.

"With this significant achievement, it is clear these hospitals are focused on providing the highest quality care to their patients. They recognize quality improvement is not about data, but about people," said Tom Manley, CEO of TMF Health Quality Institute. "These hospitals demonstrate they are dedicated to ensuring all patients receive the right care at the right time, every time."

"Working with the medical staff, Gulf Coast Medical Center used nationally recognized standards to assure that consistent medical care for all patients is delivered routinely. We're focused on following these national standards because they improve outcomes for our patients," said Barbara Priesmeyer, RN, Director of Quality at Gulf Coast. "We're proud to have qualified to receive this distinguished award, and we will continue to enhance our quality improvement efforts through our collaboration with TMF Health Quality Institute."

To qualify for the Quality Improvement Achievement Award, a hospital had to attain a minimum 80 percent for the appropriate care measure. In addition, hospitals had to improve a certain number of percentage points from their baseline measurement.

For more information on the award program, see the TMF Health Quality Institute Awards Web site at