Health Information

Take charge of your health by researching a disease or condition.
  • Get in-depth info on specific conditions
  • Self-care instructions
  • Prepare for a surgery or procedure
  • Learn what to do after being discharged
  • Nutrition, vitamins & special diets
  • Alternative medicine
  • Injuries
  • Poisons
Multimedia Encyclopedia
Use this searchable encyclopedia to find reliable information about thousands of specific medical conditions. Each entry includes definitions, causes, symptoms, treatment options, prevention tips and advice on when to consult a doctor.
In-Depth Reports
One of the world's largest online consumer health reference libraries, with over 3,900 unique articles and 3,000 medical illustrations and images to help engage and educate.
Body Guide
This interactive tool lets you explore the body's numerous systems at the click of a mouse. The Body Guide allows you to identify body structures through its network of instructional diagrams and detailed drawings and learn more about the specific functions of each system.
Health Risk Assessments
If you want an overall view of your health, the General Risk Assessment is the place to start. This assessment covers important areas such as diet, exercise, smoking and blood pressure. When you are done, you'll receive customized messages to explain your risks and help you take next steps. You'll also receive links to read more about your risks.
Symptom Checker
This tool helps you know when a health problem may be treated at home and when to go see a doctor. Each topic helps you understand possible causes of your symptom, learn how to self-treat, know when it's an emergency, know when you should call a doctor, and learn how to prevent it in the future - all in one easy step.
Complementary and Alternative Medicine
Trusted and unbiased information on complementary and alternative medicine.
  • Conditions by organ and body system
  • Conditions by signs and symptoms
  • Herbs and supplements by uses
  • Depletions by drug
  • Interactions by drug, herb or supplement