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Surgical Services

Complete inpatient and outpatient surgical services are available at Gulf Coast Medical Center.  The medical center maintains the equipment, including computerized monitoring, and experienced surgical staff to assist our highly skilled surgeons in the following specialties:  general surgery, gynecology, thoracic and peripheral vascular, gynecology, urology, orthopedic, ear/nose/throat, ophthalmology, gastroenterology, podiatry and plastic and reconstructive.

By utilizing the latest surgical techniques and procedures, Gulf Coast Medical Center’s surgical staff remains on the cutting edge of the latest advances, including laser and laparoscopic surgery.  Newer technologies offered at Gulf Coast such as endoscopic and arthroscopic surgeries and high precision lasers have resulted in more effective and accurate surgical treatment while reducing recovery time.

For further information, contact the Surgical Services Department at Gulf Coast Medical Center.

(979) 282-6115